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family show

Made in the Shade's Family Show is something the WHOLE family can enjoy. The group can entertain for those of any age range. The newborn baby will suck her pacifier in rhythm and great grandma will be whistling all the way home afterwards. Mom and dad will dig it too for the variety offered. The band plays songs in many styles, from New Orleans classics like The Audobon Zoo, to the reggae groove of Aurthor's Theme, to originals that send a message like Polly the Parrot about eating healthy and exercising.

educational shows

From being on the roster of Young Audiences of MA since 1995, Made in the Shade has performed for thousands of youngsters at hundreds of schools across the country.
Here are the two shows that have been presented:

In Jazz: America’s Music, Made in the Shade will take students on a magical, musical journey into the world of Jazz music. They will explore the different styles of Jazz and how they evolved over time and spread throughout the country starting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Children will also learn about Jazz’s origins and it’s African and European influences. In addition, audiences will participate in demonstrations of improvisation and call and response where they will discover the language of Jazz and how it is a great vehicle for self-expression. Made in the Shade then takes everyone back to New Orleans for a little bit of Mardi Gras.

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In this program, the group traces the history of American Popular Music starting with it’s African origins and then demonstrating how these rhythms and melodies made their way through styles such blues, jazz, country, rock ‘n roll, funk and soul, to rap and hip-hop. Students will learn how these styles enabled the group to be able to play the way they do. The group will demonstrate with and original song, how a band works together to make music and construct a tune. Students will also learn how music can be a fusion of many different styles as well as about how music is a great way to tell a story or express your feelings, and that you can write a song about anything.

Both of these programs contain Massachusetts curriculum connections include United States History, Geography, Social Studies, and Art

Made in the Shade also plays music for grown-ups - visit for information on all the other things we do.